Our Story

Toluca Foods started as a company in 2001 with a plan to import dried peppers, spices, and other ingredients for the Hispanic industry. Now, Toluca Foods has evolved into a company that exports and sells to industries such as retail and institutional markets, as well as food services. Although we are associated with the Hispanic market, many don’t realize that there are other cultures that also indulge in spicy foods (Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, etc.). Toluca Foods has transformed as a company that carries a larger line of goods such as specialty ingredients, institutional items, food service, and seasonings that are proprietary plus our own blends.

Our purpose is to offer a variety of dried, non-perishable, full line of spices and chiles at a fair price with added value. We have a product guarantee as we clean and load our goods into shelf-stable packaging that gives the longest shelf life, which is unrivaled in the industry, as far as best by dates. Our customer service is known for turning orders around quickly and shipping them within a day. Even for larger, more customized orders, our team can turn an order around within a week, while other companies could take between 2-4 weeks. As we grow, Toluca Foods continues to expose the ingredients we offer at a fair price and offer a variety to the restaurant and food service industry.

Everyday, Toluca Foods puts in the effort and work to be where we want to be now and in the future. It’s our goal to sell specialized ingredients that are customized to the industrial market, such as sized and granulated chiles. To reach this objective, we continue to make investments in our equipment every year to supply customized goods. With our impeccable manufacturing, Toluca Foods is not only a food service and retail company, but also an industrial business that puts our customers first.


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Frequently Asked Questions from customers who ask about our products, shipping and delivering, and anything else regarding Toluca Foods.

Online Order and Payment

If you believe you received the incorrect product, please keep the item(s) unused and in the original packaging and reach out to our sales Department team. They will work with you to reship the correct item or offer a refund. We may require a picture of the incorrect product you received and will cover the cost of return shipping for that item.

Once your order is placed, we cannot guarantee that it can be modified. If you wish to modify your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

No, you can place your order online through our website.

Your card will be charged immediately after your order is placed.


Some of our products might contain allergens. Toluca Foods has a policy and practice to ensure that allergenic ingredients and their sources are declared on all product labels. Some Toluca Foods products include “May Contain” allergen labeling for ingredients that are not in the product’s formula, however, some may be present in the product due to manufacturing conditions. The absence of a “May Contain” statement indicates a product that either (1) is generally known to be made from a particular allergen ingredient (e.g., flour made from wheat), or (2) does not contain the allergens listed above.

Store your chiles in a cool, dry place in a dark container away from direct sunlight.

The typical shelf life for spices is 2 years.

Keep your spice in an airtight container and in a cool, dry space.


If you’re a distributor or want to purchase large orders, we do ship internationally. However, from our online store, we only ship in the continental USA.

Our system uses the product(s) weight for shipping rates calculation and gets that calculation from the selected shipping method offered by the parcel companies like UPS and USPS. Please check our free shipping promotions.

Your order should take between 2-5 days to get delivered to you.

Contact our sales team to resolve the issue at sales@tolucafoods.com

Once your order is placed and the status is not shipped, you may request the change of the shipping address as soon as possible using the following methods: a) replying to your order confirmation, b) logging in My Account portal, select Orders and select Contact seller link next to the order number or c) send an email to sales@tolucafoods.com. The shipping cost may change based on the new shipping information.

We cannot guarantee that the order can be modified or canceled. Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel any order.

No, the billing address is linked to your payment method. To change the billing information, the order must be cancelled and create a new order.

Please, contact our sales department to solve the issue as soon as possible at sales@tolucafoods.com

Once the order is placed, our system will send a confirmation email. Every time you order changes the status, (New, Processing, Shipped or Delivered) the system will send a notification by email. You may also check the status by clicking in the order number in the confirmation email and logging in to your account.